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Woolworths East London

At Woolworths we take our business values seriously. They aren’t just words in an annual report - they are the foundation of our business. They give us direction and guide our behaviour, actions and choices. In fact, our values are so important to us that we’re measured not only on our performance, but also by how well we live up to them.

  1. QUALITY AND STYLE - DELIVER THE BEST It means giving 100%, 100% of the time. Whether it’s making sure that a supplier is delivering to the standards we set or preparing a report, it all boils down to one thing: there’s no compromising on quality, because ‘good enough’ just isn’t good enough.

  2. VALUE - A SIMPLE AND FAIR DEAL Offering real value goes beyond offering our customers quality at a good price: it also means offering value to each other, from sharing our knowledge with colleagues and suppliers to being able to evaluate how the decisions we make affect the business.

  3. SERVICE - WE ALWAYS THINK CUSTOMER At Woolies, we know that we have to go that bit further to really make a difference. Putting the customer first is what service is all about. Whether your customer is a shopper in our stores or the store manager who needs a vital delivery, service is about understanding others’ needs, being willing to do more than is expected, and being a good ambassador for the Woolies brand.

  4. INNOVATION - DISCOVER THE DIFFERENCE We do it for our customers. We love discovering new ideas, new products and new processes. We enjoy thinking ‘out of the box’ and finding solutions that benefit the business.

  5. INTEGRITY - DOING WHAT YOU SAY YOU WILL DO Keeping our promises is important to us, whether it’s maintaining confidentiality, not accepting gifts from suppliers, or simply listening to what others have to say with an open mind. By being true to ourselves, we earn the trust of our colleagues and our customers.

  6. ENERGY - BE PASSIONATE AND DELIVER When you’re passionate about what you do, when you really care, your enthusiasm and belief rub off on others. At Woolies, you’re part of a 23 000-member team. Being part of a team means being an inspiration to others and being inspired by their successes and triumphs.


    While you may be familiar with some of our environmental and conservation projects, for us in a South African, and African, context, sustainability isn’t just about being ‘green’. It’s about sharing expertise, helping local enterprises to grow, and contributing to a prosperous, secure future for our country. Please see more about our Good Business Journey.

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Frank Coetzee

Frank Coetzee

Woolworths East London

As developer and owner of this group my goal is to help clients and members as much as possible so please contact me at any time if necessary.

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