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Plan Your Parties Right

Attending a party is sure fun; hosting one is a different story. However, as a host, one can minimize the incidences of party boo-boos with some careful planning ahead. Here are some party planning tips to make a party run smoothly:

-Think creatively when planning for a party theme. Aim for novelty. Make it something the guests will talk with their friends about.

-Giving out written invites is a fine idea. Aside from having the party details such as the theme, attire, place, date and time, try to make them look creative and add some personal touch.

-Scents, sounds and sights in the venue should all blend to create a festive ambiance. Lights and decorations should set the party mood. Try replacing the light bulbs with low wattage colored bulbs or black lamps. Light up scented candles to fill the venue with a nice scent. Have some good music playing softly in the background. Get the television out of the party area.

-Arrange for provisions for parking for the guests. Please ask the neighbors regarding options for parking or tell them in advance if the guests are parking on the street.

-Try to move away expensive furniture and carpets around the party area until the party is over. In any case, always have some stain remover within easy reach.

-Serve foods which complement each other. Avoid having to serve foods messy to eat as well as those with gooey sauces; especially if the guests are to eat while standing and mingling. It is advisable to limit the number of food choices but offer them in larger quantities instead of having a wide range of choices but in smaller quantities. Try serving finger foods and remember to have something for the vegetarian guests.

-Prepare accommodations for the smokers. Also, inform them in advance if the venue for the party is a non-smoking household.

-If alcoholic beverages will be served, stock up as much ice as you can. Having two punch bowls is also a good option; reserve the other one for those who are not up for alcohol. More importantly, be concerned with the safety of the guests: make sure that the guests drink in moderation, especially those who are driving home after the party.

-If the budget allows, consider other forms of amusement such as strolling musicians, karaoke, fortune tellers and the like.

In parties, it is the details that spell the difference. It is important to plan ahead and keep organized. But what is more important is enjoying the whole process altogether. Have fun partying!


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