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The Joy In Modifying Radio-controlled Car Kits

Believe it or not, radio-controlled cars are enjoyed by anyone and everyone regardless of age. The most current radio-controlled vehicles that Radio Shack has just released - and the favorite of RC vehicle hobbyists is the XMODS.

This radio-controlled car called XMODS is actually more of a hobby-grade car than a toy-grade one. This is due to the possibility for upgrades as well as modification opportunities.

However, adults - more than children - would find this type of RC vehicle entertaining as kids would have to have the supervision of an adult to be able to the necessity of upkeep and regular maintenance. But, once a child or an adult gets used to the vehicle's little quirks, the operation of XMODS is as simple and easy as pie and kids of all ages - ranging from 8 and above - will have no trouble driving and enjoying them.

Basically, an XMODS is about 1/28th in scale and costs almost fifty dollars. This radio-controlled car is immediately ready to be modified thanks to its tires and wheels that are easily removable, as well as a suspension that is working. Believe it or not, the controller is also included.

XMODS is available in Radio Shack and comes in four various models. One model is made in silver and is the Acura RSX. Another model is done in yellow and is branded as a Nissan GTR Skyline. One model, a Honda Civic, is available in both blue and black. While another model, a Toyota Supra, is available in red and white.

Initially though, an XMODS kit costs less than the usual hobby-grade vehicles. But as new parts, tires, kits, accessories, motor upgrades, are done, the expense would increase.

These model radio-controlled cars are being made to race down hallways immediately after purchase. This is possible of course only after batteries are added. They will also run in homes on a smooth and polished surface as they are quite small. Believe it or not, you can do a car mini-burnout without leaving any marks on the floor.

All in all, the beauty of XMODS is that it could be considered as both a hobby and a toy. Young teenagers could assemble them easily and apply upgrades as well. Pre-teens however could be inconvenienced because of having to hold and work with tiny screws and little parts.


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